Saturday, June 12 at 1PM

Sunday, June 13 at 12PM



Hello, DelArts families!


It has been a whirlwind of a year, with constant changes for COVID, and through it all, your dancers have remained committed and focused! We are so proud of them, and can’t wait to share their progress with you at our Student Showcase on June 12 and/or June 13.


Attached you will find 3 documents:


1 - Student Showcase Day Assignments BY CLASS - 

    This allows you to easily, by day, locate your dancer’s classes and see on which day of the weekend they will be performing. We have done our best to group similar groups of students together, but with over 200 students, there are bound to be some situations where you have performance times that are separated. For example, you may have ballet performing at 1pm, but your Jazz B class (we have several!) might not perform until 5pm. This is because that jazz class has kids from 3 different levels of ballet in it! 


2 - Student Showcase - Saturday Show - 

    This document will identify, by class and time, when your dancer is performing in the Saturday show. The Saturday Show Order is comprised of Saturday classes, as well as all classes that are level C and up, but DO include a few beginner levels.


3 - Student Showcase - Sunday Show - 

    This document will identify, by class and time, when your dancer is performing in the Sunday show. These are all (with the exception of Saturday classes) of our young dancer classes, and classes up to B level. Again, there are a FEW exceptions, so please check it!!



Policies in place for Showcase weekend:


All patrons and dancers will be masked while in the building. We know that the policy has changed recently from the CDC for those who have been vaccinated, but please keep in mind that almost all of our dancers are either under 12 or are in the 12-15 range and are just now eligible to get vaccinated. They will not be fully vaccinated until after the show weekend, and therefore we wish to be thoroughly cautious, with our dancers’ health in mind.

We are working on parking at nearby businesses. More information about that will come soon! there will simply not babe room for everyone to park at DelArts, and cars parked in fire lanes or on the street will likely be towed. Continue reading for Dancer Drop-off info.

No parents will be “backstage.” All dancers will be supervised by our staff in studios, and socially distanced in the classroom. There is not room for parents to be in that space, and there aren’t any major costume changes that need parental help.

Dancers should arrive hair and makeup ready, and in their first costume (but not with dance shoes on, please! Bring them in a bag!), 20 minutes prior to their first performance. Please pack and label in a small bag any additional costume needs they may have for other dances in their time slot. We ask that you DROP YOUR DANCER at the front door, where they will be checked in by a staff member and directed to a studio to change into their shoes and wait for their turn. Afterward, you may park your car and walk to the studio. If you have anyone with walking difficulties, they may be dropped off at the building, and we will do our best to have a few chairs available for outside seating in front of the building.

Patrons will be invited in just prior to their dancer’s scheduled performance time. We are cleaning between each group of dancers, as still required by state policy, and will do our best to keep everyone moving!

Each dancer may have 2 adult family members in attendance, and young siblings may also attend. Adults get chairs. Children will be asked to sit on the floor in front of their adult “pod” area.

We are working out details for livestreaming, so that other family members can view in real time. More details on that just prior to show weekend!

Parents MAY take photo and video at this in-house performance! We do NOT have professional photos or video being taken, although we will be recording the performances for in-house use. HOWEVER - you may not stand to video or hold up your device so that it blocks the view of other patrons.

Once your dancer is finished performing (and they may have 2 dances scheduled in the same block of time, in which case you would stay seated while they change shoes or costume pieces), you will be escorted out the back of the studio while we clean and escort new patrons in the front. Your dancer will also be escorted to meet you in the back. There will be walking involved, so again - if you need special arrangements for a family member, please let us know so that we can plan in advance.

We have scheduled a Food Truck to be on site at the end of the building on Sunday! This is a great opportunity to grab a quick lunch, snack, or drink with the family between dances or after, as a celebration with your dancer. If anyone knows of any Food Truck available on Saturday, please let us know. :-)



You should have received an email from your dancer’s teacher with costume needs identified. If you have not, please reach out to us and we will be sure to get that information to you directly.



Student Showcase Day Assignment by Class

Student Showcase - Saturday Show

Student Showcase - Sunday Show


Saturday, June 12 at 1PM

Sunday, June 13 at 12PM

Performances will be at Delaware Arts Conservatory.

723 Rue Madora  •  Bear, DE  •  19701  •  (302) 595-4160