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The Delaware Arts Conservatory is a comprehensive performing and visual arts facility conveniently located behind the Fox Run Shopping Center off of Routes 40 and 72 in

Bear, Delaware, just minutes from Newark, Wilmington, and Middletown.


Our six large dance studios are professionally fitted with 100% floating floors. Our two newest studios are separated by an acoustical folding partition. When the partition is open, the space serves as a rehearsal/performance area that is larger than most theatre stages. 

Our dance studios are unique, as they are all professionally fitted with 100% floating (also known as sprung) floors. Simply put, a sprung floor has some spring in it. It absorbs shocks, giving it a softer feel while providing lateral foot support. This serves to reduce the occurrence of fatigue, shin splints, and back, ankle, and knee problems.

These studios have a top layer of professional vinyl composite called "Marley." This controlled, non-slip surface allows for sliding in dance, but is not slippery. Our tap studio has exceptional real hardwood design that combines both form and function. This floor also has an integrated sprung subfloor.

Our professionally insulated vocal and instrumental music rooms are large enough to fit a full-sized piano and 2 drum sets with room to spare. Our largest music studio is big enough to hold a full cast for vocal rehearsals.


Our full-service art and photography studio comes complete with an Apple computer and a High-definition widescreen television for use in digital photography classes. This space also boasts two large professional-level art tables, and an art display area for classroom critiques.

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