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2021 / 2022*

*Please check back, as some of these dates / events can change.


Studio closures, including Legal Holidays and Dancer Holidays˚, still allow for each class to meet 35 times during the year. These classes are not eligible for make-up classes under our policies. Classes missed to weather closings can be made up according to our make-up policy. If a significant number of classes are cancelled due to weather issues, we may choose to make up classes on the dates identified as dancer holidays or hold the classes as scheduled on Zoom.  This is at the studio’s discretion.

August 28 - First day of classes!

September 3 - 6 - Studio closed for Labor Day Holiday 
November 2 - Make up night for Wednesday missed classes in September due to inclement weather
November 19 - 21 - DelArts Company members at Grier Gala and Intensive
November 24 - 28 - DelArts Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday
December 7 - Tech/Dress for Snow Queen - No Classes
December 9 - Dancer holiday
December 10 - Snow Queen full dress rehearsal at The Tatnall School

December 11 - Snow Queen performances at 12:00 and 5:00 at The Tatnall School 

December 12 - Snow Queen performance at 2:00 at The Tatnall School
December 23 - January 2 - DelArts closed for winter break
January 17 - Studio closed, MLK Day
February 21 - Studio closed, President’s Day
March 2 - Dancer holiday
March 22 - Dancer holiday
April 15 - 22 - DelArts closed for Spring Break
May 27 - 30 - DelArts closed for Memorial Day Holiday
June 6 - Last night of classes
June 7 and 8 - Spring Showcase dress rehearsals at The Tatnall School
June 10 - 12 - Spring Showcase performances at The Tatnall School

Dancer Holiday - Due to holiday dates, there are often less Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays available during the year for classes. This results in Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays having more available class dates. To ensure that each class meets 35 times, you may find a Dancer Holiday on one or more of those evenings.