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Three options are offered for class payment.


Tuition is based on the total number of class hours. Each class meets 35 times. Due to the number of holidays in each month, the number of classes may vary per month. For example, December may have three classes while March may have five classes. 

Tuition payments for 35 classes is divided into 10 equal payments.


The more classes a student takes, the less each class costs.


There are no additional fees for recital rehearsal or for performance time. 


One month’s tuition is due at registration. The remaining 9 payments are due on the first of the month beginning in September and extending through May.


For families with multiple students, add together the total number of hours for all enrolled.


Click here to see our tuition policies.



This option is ideal for those who cannot commit to a weekly schedule, don’t have the time to make up classes, or for those wishing to take a class here or there. Pay-as-you-go students can attend a class in any discipline, providing that the level is appropriate to the student’s skill set.  $20 / hour.


Private lesson fees vary and are based on the individual instructor. A studio rental fee of $10/hour is assessed for all private lessons. 



Please visit the front desk or contact us for more information.

A drop box is available in the lobby to leave check or cash tuition payments.

*Depending on the art class, there will be a fee for the cost of supplies.

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