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We offer our students the opportunity of performing on one of our award-winning Companies and Competition Teams. 

The goal of our Company is to train, inspire, and nurture young dancers toward artistic excellence. The DAC Company provides opportunities for serious dancers to perform and compete at performance venues and selected competitions.

The goal of our Competition Teams is to allow the students the opportunity to be adjudicated by dance and performing arts professionals while giving them more performance opportunities. The students also get to take master dance classes by world renowned teachers.

Our Competition Philosophy:

A performing arts competition is a learning experience for the students. It allows them to see where they’ve been, where they are now, and where they are going. To keep things in perspective, performing arts competitions are how a certain set of judges sees a certain set of dancers on any given day. If any of the variables were to change - if the number were to perform at a different day or time or if one of the judges were different - the results would certainly be different as well. It is important that each student realize that their self-worth as a performer, but more importantly as a person, is not and will never be measured by a trophy. 

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