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DelArts Families,


We are excited to continue your child’s dance education for the next two weeks using an online format. Please see below for ALL the info you need to understand the plan!! To get started - Sign up for Zoom now!!


Class length - Because typical class time includes personal corrections and student interaction time, shoe-changing time, as well as individual demonstrations, across the floor work, and more, we will be limiting the length of our classes online. Hour long classes will be about 40 minutes online, 45 minute classes will be about 30 minutes online, etc. Younger student classes may be a little longer than these guidelines simply because they really must be teacher led. 


For students of intermediate and advanced levels, not only will you have an online class, but you may also have an “assignment” that can be done on your own, then videoed and submitted for teacher review! For example, you may have to watch a performance video online and answer questions about it. These questions may focus on dance history, choreography, or even ask you to give a video critique of the piece like you were a judge at a competition! You may also be given a choreography project, where you have to create a TikTok-style combination that can be shared with your class, or where you create a 16 count or 32 count combination to a specific piece of music. These add-on lessons may use a different app or program (playposit, flipgrid, or other online learning platforms), so please be ready to pursue some new options with us!


Lastly - it is recital season, and we will be asking many of our students to view choreography additions to their dances taught by our faculty, learn new steps, and add them to the dance as it currently exists. This is a great time to practice and perfect! A link to your dancer’s recital dance video will be emailed to you. Learning choreography from a video is actually a common expectation professionally, so this is yet another way to prepare our dancers for a professional world experience!


Internet resources - Not all families have internet services in their home, although they may have access to things on a cellular device. Rather than killing your data, Comcast has graciously provided 2 months of free internet service to students in K-12 schools, which can be cancelled at any time. To access this resource, go to


Space - We know that not everyone has a dance room in their house! :-) Our teachers don’t, either. The work we will be doing will require about 2 feet by 4 feet, so move the coffee table to the side and you should be fine. For ballet, we will focus on what is called floor barre, a technique that doesn’t need an actual barre, and also engages the core very effectively. The students will still work basic technique, as well as do conditioning exercises, and basic combinations that are relatively stationary. No big jumps, leaps, or turns during this process - just solid strengthening and improving of basics.


Tap can be done in socks or any flat shoes (even ballet shoes!) on a regular floor. Please don’t tap on your good hardwood floors!! We know it isn’t the ideal situation, but let’s be honest - your tappers tap in supermarkets, elevators, and in school, all without their tap shoes on! Another option is to have your dancer tap on a piece of 3/4 inch plywood, if you have that available. 


Jazz, Contemporary, and Lyrical will focus on strengthening and conditioning as well as balance and center floor work, again, all needing a relatively minimal space. Even Hip Hop can be done in a smaller space, although be aware of kids shaking the building! :-)


Multiple dancers at same time - we know that we have many families with multiple dancers, and there may not be room or bandwidth for both to be online and take class at the same time. Our recommendation is to alternate classes, with each dancer taking a turn OR pick the lower level and have both take that class if space allows. Our goal is to keep them dancing! Recital dances can be accessed at any time, as can some of the class assignments, so just keep checking your email and we will do our best to help with your dancer’s education! We are also looking into how to video the class as it is taught and provide a link to the video if you have to miss a class for any reason. As we learn, we will share!


Attendance - If a class is offered online and live, attendance will be taken, as we are able to see who access the Zoom class / meeting. However, just like with any missed class, you are encouraged to make up any missed class time if you cannot, for any reason, attend with us online. Additionally, see the “multiple dancers” section above for more options!


Taking extra classes - If you are interested in taking free extra classes (for example, doing 3 kinder combos this week instead of just one!), or trying a new style, now is a great time to join us!! Just contact us and we can share the link for that class with you (as long as it is a safe choice - for example, we won’t allow a kindercombo student to join our advanced dancers for ballet!!) We also encourage you to share the link to your class with your dancer’s friends, and you can invite them to try DelArts for free for at least the next 2 weeks! Please have them contact DelArts at or though our website for more information and to recommend class placement options!


Music Students - Your teacher should be in touch with you regarding the possibility of online classes. Many professional instructors have taught voice and piano via Skype, Facetime, or other platforms, even from other countries! As always, you pay by the lesson, and your teacher will contact us with a list of students they have taught weekly. Your account will be charged accordingly, or you can make a payment online.


Art Students - Our art teachers will contact their students to set up a time to meet so that you can pick up any “works in progress,” as well as to provide supplies if needed. Laura and Barb will be sending virtual museum tours as well as lessons they will have access to online, and those students are also welcome to come into an additional art class once we return. Full online classes aren’t effective for this medium, but the teacher will ask that you continue on with your projects, send pictures of progress, email or call with questions, etc. 


Missed Classes - This is NOT a time to makeup prior missed classes. If you have missed classes, please wait until we return to make those up. We are waiving the one month time limit, so please plan ahead to make up missed time! Our class schedule is online at


Do we offer ALL classes at the regularly scheduled time? Your instructor will be in contact with you regarding the type and style of class they will be teaching. For example, Miss Heather will be doing most of her classes live at the regular scheduled times. Other teachers may video class and have it available to you to access at your leisure. 


If for any reason you have concerns about our online provisions for class time, as always, you are welcome to make up the classes when the studio reopens. We certainly understand if you choose not to participate this way, but we hope you will give it a shot! 


Lastly - Send us pictures of your kids taking class from home, and we can share them online! We love to see our dancers in action!


As always, we encourage the use of deodorant. You, too, can enjoy the pleasure of your child sweating in the comfort of your own home. :-)


Happy dancing!

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