2021/22 Plan for Opening and Building Use

In compliance with State and CDC guidelines, DelArts has proposed the following accommodations to ensure the safety and health of our patrons:

For Faculty:

  • Instructors will stay home if they have a cough, fever, or if a member of their household has been sick or shows signs of illness.

  • Instructors will have minimal physical contact with students (shaking hands, hugs, high 5s, etc.).

  • Instructors will wear a face covering for greeting students at the door, leading into classrooms, and teaching. Fully vaccinated teachers in a fully student-vaccinated classroom MAY choose to allow students unmask in the classroom, but masks MUST be worn throughout the building outside of the classroom. 

  • Instructors will help to sanitize studios at the completion of classes, including barres, floors, and teacher area (stereo/etc).

  • Instructors will have their own masks, but extras will be on hand in the event that one is needed. 

  • Instructors will provide students with hand sanitizer both upon entering and exiting the building.



Building use and Cleaning:

  • Lobbies will remain closed to family members not in classes. No parents may be inside the building unless front desk staff is needed to help with registration, tuition payments, etc. Parents may wait in their cars. Please be sure that your cell number is correct in your parent portal in the event that we need to reach you during class time.

  • Classrooms will be disinfected at the end of daily classes with steam mops as well as with a pH neutral cleaner, specifically Lucasol (hospital grade disinfectant). All surfaces - floors and barres - will be disinfected.

  • Students will enter in the door closest to their classroom, and will be limited to the bathroom nearest their classes.

  • Bathrooms will be disinfected regularly, with hospital grade disinfectant. Students will be encouraged to use the restrooms at home prior to coming to class so as to minimize the need for facility use on site.

  • Bathrooms in the lobby are single stalls and will be dedicated to that side of the building only.

  • Classes will be limited based on 3 feet of social distancing by classroom.

  • Zoom class will be offered for those not comfortable returning to the studio at this time. Please make sure to let us know if Zoom is needed for your child so that we can plan appropriately.

  • Students will be given hand sanitizer upon entry to the building, and again upon exiting.

  • No communal supplies will be used. Dancers must provide their own therabands, artists will be providing their personal materials, etc.​

Student and Parent Expectations:

  • Students must stay home if they are sick or have a fever. They are welcome to Zoom into class if we are notified in advance of the need to do so.

  • Students must be able to follow distancing procedures.

  • Students must wear a mask to enter and leave the building. 

  • Dancers should not enter the building until 5 minutes prior to their starting class time. They may wait in their cars - in a parking spot, not against the curb - until their class time. Once the teacher opens the door, students may proceed to a line on the sidewalk until they progress inside and are given hand sanitizer. 

  • Dancers should arrive in their dance clothes. There will be no changing in the restrooms.

  • Dancers should wear a cover-up into and out of the building.

  • ALL SHOES, BAGS, and WATER BOTTLES should be labeled with the dancer's name. 

  • Dancers will be required to hand sanitize upon entering and exiting the building, and wash hands after using the restroom.

  • The lobby will be divided into a homework/study area and an area where students may eat between classes. No students will be allowed to sit/eat in hallways between classes.